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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell  FOX Business  July 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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♪ m. tracy: what will week for investors. from banks to bernanke. where should you put your money right now to make money? we have a fox business exclusive with the market power player. perez roundtable superstar who has a history of picking winners to have new was freed today. playing the oil game, not always about the benchmark light crude out of texas. the ceo of energy 21. lying under the radar in an interview only see on fox business. and it victoria secret killer. a rapidly growing start up. the victoria's secret angels. ceo and some of his models. exclusively n fox business. "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. ♪
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court. liz: should afternoon, everybody. it's friday. i'm liz claman. thank you for joining us. we have to lead with boeing. they cannot catch a break. two incidents and just one day. that is the first involving one of its 787 dream liner jets. ethiopian airliner on your screen. boeing was sitting on the tarmac right there. london heathrow airport. caught fire. the wrong way had to be closed if. they're open right now, but this comes three months after the jet re-entered service following its battery redesign which was required after some caught fire months ago. also today, yet another incident . one of the boeing jets heading from the u.k. to florida had to turn around due to a technical issue. we know the details, but shares
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took a dive immediately on news about the ethiopian airliner jet, down more than 7%. we have come up of the floor, down four and a half%. did you miss an opportunity to top opportunity to capitalize on the company going through bad times? history shows you might want to buy when the stock gets it like this. expert opinion. but the drop is holding back the dow jones industrials which right now is moving, as you can see, up slightly. and we talk about what is happening, one week we see of gain of about 1%. as you see, the same thing up here, at least 2%. the day started with strong earnings from two of the nation's largest banks while revenue for both wells fargo and katie morgan was flat. profits look better than some people expected. jp morgan pulling back. wells fargo is moving up.
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the finance sector overall is one of the s&p 500 big leaders. still you want -- you have about 58 minutes, to you want to be long or short? what about oil, gold, its best week since 2011. commodities overall. that's bring the men. -- them and. the first tower traders. what were short? reno news low over the weekend has been jagged to say the least. >> i always purport to be short. this bull market has been incredible. very short-lived steps, and you have to be fleet under footed by and take advantage of the sell-off. liz: okay. that's one. what about everything else? people who last weekend cat out equities really get it today. you will see what we have had over the past for five days.
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the move to the upside. >> the whole market is being driven by central bank intervention. ben bernanke and his crew. so that is going to be the most important thing going for word. riley wants to talk about earnings and the affects, take a look at the bank stocks. jpmoorgan originally traded down on its earnings. it was lifted by wells fargo numbers a little bit stronger. in my opinion, reality. the fact of the matter is rising interest rates are an indication of a strengthening economy. central banks can back away. rising interest rates are good for financials, good for banks in the banking business. the big picture is the market continues to go higher. being beaten down after several years, it will continue to move as money moves out of fixed-income, finds its way into equities. short-term trade, i like to be sure everyone's awhile. it's my natural tendency. for long-term investors would not be short. i would be sitting on my hands
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waiting to buy stocks like boeing, or i would be ready to buy some company i am familiar with that i know what to spend my money on. liz: that is so much of this, expectations. if you are in for the so-called long term. you bet on it, make your purchase and set on it. let me ask you this same question. see you go into weekends like this short or flat simply because you are not sure what might happen? >> well, the best answer to your question is that the world is not sure what will happen because of this. the institutions or the institutional investors got an expectation of tapering or some sort of tapir, along. tapering does not mean we will raise interest rates. then we have guys like me that know how bad the economy still really is. i don't think there is any way they can afford to taper. we have this big throwing in chicago. you can watch that 10-year yields.
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we don't know where to go. half the world is looking. but the we have to start tapered. none of these winning. i think it's we are in trouble. the economy is bad. rihanna deflationary, not inflationary cycle. liz: of me give everyone a news flash. tapering is coming eventually. he will figure out and make your decision. let's not turn our backs on what is happening with the oil. when you're at the nymex, every single metric, heating oil, natural gas, louisiana lakes sweet. trades are $10 higher than texas. but looking into a very how we care, why is it natural gas jumping?
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please see it up about three-quarters of a percent. >> natural gas is stuck in a predicament because it still has huge amounts of inventory. we know there are tons of supplies. they just haven't drill for it. so we're kind of stock in a range between 350 and 380 when it comes to natural. also, something to keep in mind, when there are high oil prices, natural gas -- oil will be drilled for. natural gas to come out as a byproduct. it will just add even more supply to the natural gas market it's going to have accosted resistance going floridian so we can get another shift in demand like we had earlier. ready hot temperatures are the traffic picks up before we can see a demand shift. liz: a lot to make a quick mention of gold. we want to show them a little love. we are still below $1,300 a troy ounce. listen, i have my programs. it has been the best week since
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2011. what do we get from that, ben willis? >> one of those advantages of buying the debt. you have to wait a little while. my heart goes out to chicago. they're not used to winning. liz: were you saying? all right. good to see you. thank you for joining us. this is amazing. this is the second time they have done this. talk about of alert and the nazis and then i'm not interested. hulu is officially off the market. they just were accepting bids a week ago. >> reporter: that's right. we are not selling, and we don't need your $750 million either because we will put in our own. what they will do is try and boost growth. $750 million. and the owners of hulu, 21st century fox, comcast, nbc
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universal and walt disney said that they will retain ownership, beefing up with cash, and move forward with growth. they are not selling. they opted not to sell. of course hulu itself launched back in 2008, unique visitors a 30 million had free site support, a premium service with ads. and they have been their open sale for owners. back to you. liz: unbelievable. the second time they're done this. i'm sure he's really thrilled right now. as we have been telling you, shares of boeing and getting hit hard today. off lows of the session. $101.99. in intraday chart. what happened after one of the 77 streamliners caught fire at london heathrow airport. this is just another major incident for the plane maker. we know what caused the fire. b.
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ge jumped in and said it was not our engines. we're not quite sure. the battery problems that grounded streamliners all over the world months ago, here is what the stock has done since then. you could call that a moonshot. are you missing your opportunities when something like this happens? let me bring in someone who is a real expert, an analyst from drexel -- senior research analyst from drexel hamilton. that chart is certainly a demonstration of by when these kinds of things happen. >> well, today had a little pop down after hitting a new high this morning. a lot of the commercial aerospace stocks have been jumping in recent weeks. there really isn't much. i would be a buyer this afternoon. it does not sound like it's a battery issue or a nice hillary power unit issue. it would appear to be in the galley. as the case then it's much ado
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about nothing. liz: a lot of things happen. in essence when you see these kinds of opportunities, talk to our investor audience. before you even know what the problem was? >> we can't be 100 percent sure. a lot of veterans, airforce pilots, couple airline pilots. looking a schematics before i came over here. it's just doesn't work like it's a battery issue. a possibility that the ap you or eggs hillary power unit which is in detail even further back in the airplane could have fed up into that he sloshed, burn the holes is on the pictures, but to be honest it looks like that is not even what it is. liz: should be pointed out that the plane was sitting on the tarmac for e threat hours before the fire was even discovered. >> park for eight hours. he knows. sabotage, to be determined. does not look like a flight worthiness issue. liz: the price, will we see right this moment is an opportunity.
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>> i would be a buyer. liz: great to have you. he as the pilot. he as the experts. that is exactly what you need. >> a disabled veteran-owned firm with just former military. liz: bless your heart. let's do a fist pump. you know i'm doing a triathlon for the year rose. thank you very much. the closing bell ringing in 48 minutes. stocks have been on a tear, which means valuation's might be getting just a bit rich for the taste of value investors. where are the hidden gems? there are still some, but you have your full-time job. you don't have time to look. don't worry about it. our superstars with us. the history of picking winners. delphi management founder and president has found those gems and will give the as brand new packs. speaking of jim's, walked out, victoria's secret. in the house, and they're trying
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to clip victoria's secret swings. this deal will be here to talk about his bold ambitions, taking perhaps over on a company that has sort of been the leader for so long. in just a few moments to hear about it. ♪ [ le announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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liz: the run-up in equity, that's a good thing in a bad thing. it makes you have to work to find a real deal. that's what my next guest says, and he is sharing his eminently qualified bring with you to make some judgments. he's been on the round table every single year since 1998. check out of three of his picks from the last appearance. it was really just a couple of months ago. they're all up. two of about 8%, 1 more than 2%. today he has two new stock recommendations. if you missed that last time, he's black to get -- back to give us new ideas. delphi management. live from boston thank you for coming on. >> thank you for inviting me. very nice to be with you. liz: i look at your previous picks.
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the one that tends to jump out because you really have love this, it continues to jump higher and higher every time you come here. this is an energy pick. tell me what it was when you first decided to divan and by the toady this is an opportunity and how that reflects to other names the like to pick. >> well, protection from the drill bit was going 150%, and on a price to cash flow it was really on a forward basis at six, six and a half times its really was an expensive given that tent kind of internal growth. the company had just come public, so it was on the inefficient side of the equation very few people knew what was. the stock now is about 39, but ironically given the cash flow projection it's really not expensive. if somebody wants to take a long review and just not traded, probably 38 of 39 would be a good entry point because they continue to grow the production. liz: now we want to see new
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names. your other names have done relatively well. you had this energy up about 3%. another winner, i tech name. you have a brand new technology name. tell us -- everyone listened carefully. he's one of those geniuses who understands this. explain what you love. >> well, they have moved up $50 per share. i was out in california about a month ago. we've met with management, president, senior vice president , finance. the company has excess cash, over 1 billion in excess cash. we've already seen that turn in the earnings. the point of inflection, the earnings are turning up. they have a dominant share in two areas, and i'll explain them. one is called weight. as you go from a 28 nanometers said 20-nanometer line with you
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have to have great precision in terms of making smaller line with. and they're really dominate. there are three players, tokyo electron, applied materials. about a 45 share. there really are in the commanding area of that facet. liz: just want to mention that a lot of what they do in a in some way or another in a smart phones. as the real opportunity. >> anything that has a chip you have to get the chip to make it. the other thing is, they bought novella. about a year-and-a-half ago there were a leader and recalled chemical and physical vapor. a fancy name for putting a metal oxide layer on the substrate in son of a vacuum chamber. it's a necessity. otherwise you don't really have the chip in total. there are $100 million worth of savings and synergies just coming from the acquisition. on its own their going to do
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probably 375 next year. if you take the stock back out to cash, it's a p.m. 11 which is pretty cheap. liz: okay. that's the thing. a lot of these names have got more expensive, but it certainly below what the entire s&p is at this moment. that would be around 11 or something, 17. >> sixteen times on foreign earnings. reusing $104. liz: a little bit below that. your next pick is an engineering firm that does a lot of its business outside the u.s. >> right. the floor, if you are familiar with jacobs or chicago bridge in dire, this is a major competitor . the rap on the company is that the backlog has come down because they work leverage to some degree on mining, and that has fallen off a cliff. they have over one year's
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revenue in backlog, roughly 36, $37 billion in backlog. they just add new rewards of over $6 billion for the first quarter. the promise that there would add approximately its goal of 25 billion. the margins are going upper. jump to about 43 basis points. that's a lot when you have a $28 billion revenue flow. they will do approximately $4.15. the stock is 61. as we point out, have a ton of cash. again, this is like over 11 times earnings. the return on equity is solid. 18 percent. this $2 billion in net cash on the balance sheet. it's out of favor because the backlog was down. this is an opportunity to buy it before the stock -- before the earnings turned. liz: for those of us who are busy or lazy, i'm not saying i am, but let's -- let's not do
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the work for you. thank you very much for joining yes. >> thank you for having me. have a nice weekend. liz: thank you. by the way, scott served in the army, so he knows about my efforts and cheryl's efforts for building homes for euros and as a supporter. thank you. closing bell ringing in 37 minutes. oil prices on the rise. there were down yesterday, up the day before. gasoline, getting more expensive again. forget that. have you played? what is the trade? we have a fox business exclusive with the ceo of a company that falls under the radar. energy 21. i maxed player. of buying a virginity for you. every analyst has about this. the stock is down. could this be your interplant? and you know, my work crews not looking at me anymore.
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everybody come down. we would get to the models and a minute. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. liz: he started this company. now you have raised $11 million from venture capitalists. why did they believe in you when victoria's secret feels like it has a lock? >> of very good question. soak adore me is a new brand of intimate dedicated to amazing fit and super quality , revolutionary plans to tap price point. since our first sale we have been doing tremendously far first moments. we gave trusted investors an opportunity and with the right people get value. liz: let's talk about that. suddenly you were quintupling your hits on this site. have you get the word out? marketing budget? what to do to make sure people knew about it? >> it is a mix of everything. we have markets. we have been working with some
3:30 pm
of the best photographers on the planet to make sure that it would be perfect. secondly, word of mouth has been pretty strong. the product is great. it's one of those personal purchases. liz: let's get to the product. we could show the video where the real thing, so we brought in the live miles thank you very much. here they are. they are wearing lingerie. believe it is that a swimsuit? you also do swimsuits, like victoria's secret. the price point, $39.99. what is victoria's secret? most of their bras are about that. >> but that does not only cover the bra. the bra and panties and service, including shipping, free exchanges, advice of the phone. if you go to victoria's secrets it would be double the price. liz: that is where you think you can really get your age when it comes to this. >> that's correct. i guess it's all about the product. and the combination of amazing
3:31 pm
product and service and a great value is in his days a good deal. liz: how do you continue what has been pretty strong growth? 50% month government over and over again. that is tough to sustain. although it's not tough to look at these people right now. at things your site is probably getting a ton of its right this second. >> that's correct. i think the best way to keep on growing is to make sure that every single customer we have is satisfied with the product and experience. we dedicate a lot of effort into that. we also work with some really hirable designers to make sure that the new collection has a lot of research and that so that each season and each month we bring new signs that really are in line. liz: will you eventually open a retail store? >> a few years down the road that might be. as of today is better for us to invest marketing dollars by keeping the on-line experience to make sure that we can keep
3:32 pm
our best value for the customer. going forward, we might be big enough to go into retail. liz: ipo? >> that would be wonderful. liz: commanded the first on fox business? thank you. let's wave goodbye. thank you so much. see you guys later. you can hang out with the crew. i think they want to ask some questions. right. thank you. adore me founder and ceo. check out the website. we love these kinds of stories. a competitor. a little guy. strike at the big one. we know the story ended. the closing bell ringing in 28 minutes. in help has been making huge waves. the stock has been surging. are going to tell you why that is so significant and what is really driving the latest rally. justice and as we come back. you're watching fox business. it's "countdown to the closing
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bell." ♪
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♪ >> reporter: em jo ling kent richard fox business brief. in the heat of the summer driving season, drivers are feeling the pain at the pump. the national average for a gallon of regular now stands at $3.55. so far alaska and hawaii are the only states topping out at $4 per gallon. a new career builders' survey has found 31 percent of employers will hire temporary
3:38 pm
workers in the second half of the year, a 10% jump from the same time last year. over the past four years to imports accounted for 15 percent of all job growth. costco is being sued again, this time by michael forbes. the designer filing suit in new york accusing moscow of advertising its luxury bag for $99 when they did not actually have any to sell. he recently sued the warehouse for allegedly using the luxury retail trademark illegally. now we continue our "countdown to the closing bell" with liz claman. ♪ liz: yelp is setting an all-time high again today. nickel is at the new york stock exchange but is really behind this rally. >> reporter: to their seeing it's jumping. but a buy rating on it, but they seem to be calling it a real necessity when it comes to on-line consumer reviews for the restaurant world. they say that they've you the
3:39 pm
platform of yelp as private -- highly expansible. they expect to enhance current offerings and features and basically saying to a certain extent that it is becoming unnecessary advertising medium for local businesses across the world. i mean, is that how important they think it is? that's what they're saying. the stock is really showing it, up almost 5%. liz: well, good. you know how i feel about it. anyone can gain it and we are as something negative. it's fine. good for them. forty-eight hours from now. highlights of the killing me, but i'm pretty sure my -- my heart will feel good. by then we will of raise our target goal with your help the $50,000 to help our nation move severely wounded veterans. all of you have done it it. there we are. competing as a team.
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heroes. wearing bill all of it. so will cheryl increase. here is our team. this is -- those are my bicycle shorts. can i just say, you guys rock. the director, putting it on. outside of those? [inaudible conversations] liz: good. stats them out. this week on countdown we have. we hope everyone will. building homes for heroes. cued up to it. nice. unlike the pose. this week and downtown we talk to the best and brightest about where you can make money. in case you missed anything, here's what is worth repeating. ♪ >> today the deals are outside of north america. and so we arr on a shopping expedition. >> the last thing you want to do is buy a stock i.
3:42 pm
so what i think, if you're betting on a worse, this is the one you bet on. if i was buying a stock would be buying a sixers, an organization going in the right direction with the right strategy in the right owners. this is the right place. >> a couple of things oil with china that investors ought to be aware of. the first become slowing. does not necessarily a bad thing. if your country which is an engine of growth, not just for china but for the world but for many of the last several years it will contribute less. >> look at the labour market. haven't had the impact, but the second half of the year. so it's about three 1/4%. ♪ liz: the closing bell ringing in 18 minutes. oil prices on the rise, and
3:43 pm
there is one company it could be flying in the radar. a very interesting reason as to why. we will explain how this high-grade oil producer, something called louisiana like might be a bargain for your portfolio. the stock is not reflected, but a lot of analysts are loving it right now. the chairman and ceo of energy 21 joins us in a fox business exclusive. ♪ she knows youu like no one else. and you wouldn't have it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that cou be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytimthe moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only dailyd tablet approved ttreat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough
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♪ liz: the oil bowles are having quite the party because oil prices had been on track for a third weekly gain. we have not seen that in a while.
3:48 pm
while investors are busy dancing to the -- dancing to the benchmark, west texas intermediate. branches overseas. one energy giant is quietly flying under the radar by working with a different grade of oil. it could be the bargain by the you have been looking for. john schiller, energy 21 chairman and ceo joining me from houston. let's explain to people the difference between a west texas and louisiana like. there is a price differential. louisiana is a little bit more expensive. >> to big things, what is the quality of the crude. we are a heavier crude. more distillates, i.e. we can make more desalt. we are located on the gulf coast where refineries are, so we have met on transportation costs to get to refineries. liz: you do business in louisiana and then in the gulf of mexico which would of course be offshore. let's talk about the situation right now with your company. i was looking.
3:49 pm
you have nine analysts who cover you, all rating a buy, but the stock is down year today 23% in year-over-year 16%. the highest short float right now, 8% of the flood is being shorted. what does everyone have wrong about this company? >> i think we live in the world today where everyone wants results immediately. we have missed on production the last two quarters. what they're missing is we're creating an awful lot of value, the horizontal drilling, and drilling wells for ten to $12 million in delivering a million barrels that to the company. you can do the math. so we are drilling very attractive wells. really good results as we need for. and we get put in the penalty box a little bit because of production. liz: let me just denunciate. you said we will see better numbers coming. you did this twice on production when? can you give us three, six months, your? >> you know, we do -- june
3:50 pm
june 30th. we will be announcing our results at the end of august, gibson to per results next week in terms of reserves and production. then we would just move from there, but over the next six months as you watch drilling programs start kicking in and fine-tuning which builds, a big home run. a lot of drilling in the philadelphia area, the growth that people looking for well we create a lot of free cash flow. liz: since 2005 he made about five acquisitions totaling a big chunk of change to more than 2 billion. you in the market for more opportunity to back. >> i think we are always looking. it's actually becoming a bit of a buyer's market. a decent amount of assets available in the gulf of mexico, both deep and shallow. we are always kicking tires. if the right opportunity presents itself, which for us are big oil fields. gas field so really interest test. liz: you're looking for the oil field. it seems, and as we talk to some
3:51 pm
analysts cut day in essence said that investors almost prefer to focus on your onshore operations versus the offshore. why is the gulf of mexico getting respect? did this trail back to something to back what had happened with the well that became one catch? tell me what the problem is. >> what people mess is we are in oil company. a much different decline than natural gas. in the past the drilling has been in a high decline rate. we don't fight those. that's one. two is hurricanes. we can train ahead. yet the back-to-back whinney in 2005. that scared people away. there is, we get a really big results from wells butter in of this year area to drill. i can't tell you that i will drill 98 out of 100 successful. one will probably make as much
3:52 pm
money as fiver six of those. liz: that's good enough for me. i'm looking at this and saying there is opportunity. the u.s. may become energy dependent. i never really heard that until recently. can i assume then that the government is not exactly standing in your way of doing your job and growing your business? things are pretty decent at least the relationship? would we have the wrong? >> i would say we have learned to live with each other. things are slower. a lot more intense inspection, but the companies doing the right thing. it's not a nuisance. it doesn't slow us down and keep us from getting a job done. i think there's a chance we get closer to energy independence which is a big dream. we are at an all-time high.
3:53 pm
going toward replacing the amount of oil that we are in every dayy liz: love these kinds of stories. thank you. by the way, exx9 is part of the xl p which is the spider oil and gas exploration and production etf. it's an interesting play. nine analysts seven as by. will you come back? >> would love to. thank you for having this. liz: any time. energy 21. trailing horizontal wells, coming in and will make production at some point scent. closing bell ringing in seven minutes. the s&p 500 sets of in the week of more than 2%. coming up, we are breaking down this week's big winners. statement. ♪ [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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liz: not bad at you will. s&p 500 set to end the week up more than 2%. we wanted you to take a look at this week's biggest gainers. copping in at number three? netflix. up 13% alone. the latest original show, the on r orange is the new black, went to high school with one of them, could bring in new subscribers. second biggest gainer, f 5 networks. shares are up 14 this week. it got a rating and a price target bump. piper jaffray giving a tip of the hat. taking the top spot, alexia pharmaceuticals. alxn. shares hitting all-time high today and up 18% for the week
3:58 pm
the move comes on the news that roche is seeking financing for a possible takeover bid for the company. i can't believe how people came me running down to see me interview the head of adorme models. right. that was amazing right? adam: there were a lot of eyes popping out in the studio. it is on your instagram. liz: you guys are laughing. adam: have you seen photo of you and models? liz: no is it on there? adam: i know it is on your instagram. liz: we'll get up in a minute. i felt really thin next to them. not really. here is adam shapiro. adam: good to see you. liz: let's go to nicole. you're as tall as they are though. >> right, right. i appreciate it though, thank you very much. we'll focus on the markets. let's talk about something we know well. we've had a great week on wall street. liz: it has been a great week definitely. you look what is happening with ups, sliding into the red today. why that matters, not only is it
3:59 pm
a big company but it is also a member of the transports. >> absolutely, liz. we talk about ups that along with fed expect, both names were to the downside. that is because ups said u.s. industrial growth is slowing for the economy. that means less packages and people are using easier ways and cheaper ways, more importantly to ship things. adam: talk about shares of online medical information. the company, web md, it surge understood the green, right, nicole? >> they raised revenue forecast and raised their profit. this biopharmaceutical company and their customers, it looks so good. the stock moved to new highs. up 137% this year. liz: i love amazon and watching amazon because nobody cares the price-to-earnings ratio is like a thousand but amazon hit another new record high ! look at this. >> 307. goldman sachs says buy. they think it is going higher.
4:00 pm
[closing bell rings] adam: athenahealth struck a deal. right? >> up 20% and certainly a big winner. liz: take a breath, everybody here on the friday. here we go. the bells close it down on wall street. look how stocks are finishing the day. dow jones industrials trying to eke out a gain. you have to watch the board, we're up, we're down as the trades settle, we'll see what happens. looks like the s&p is a winner up four points. russell 2000, up time after time, another all-time high. russell up 3.25 points. not bad for the small and mid-cap stocks. adam: that fire which broke out on a ethiopian airliner boeing 787. not good for bowing. prompting a temporary shut down at runways at heathrow. it involved a internal fire on the aircraft. nobody was on the plane. boeing's stock fell m